Reuben King

Reuben S. King (King Rub), CEO of King Entertainment and Media LLC. Born November 12, 1976, is a Native of Mobile Alabama , raised in the Down The Bay Area of the City.


King at an early age was introduced to the harsh realities of life in a community filled with drugs ,violence and poverty. Adapting and becoming a product of the environment, King in his adolescence years showed brilliance through Art and Sports. King also fell in love with Music ranging from Gospel, R&B, and Rock to Hip-Hop music.


In the early 1980s as Hip Hop Music began to take shape, King became obsessed with the world of Hip-Hop Music. King would sit in his bedroom spending countless hours listening to Hip-Hop Music on the radio and patiently wait to watch the music videos from the early pioneers of Hip-Hop, as in those days there were limited airtime for Rap Artist to provide visuals for their overwhelmingly growing fan base.


By the 1990s Hip-Hop music had became a world phenomena and King became more intrigued with the genre, and would eventually try to mimic the various Hip-Hop Artists with dreams of becoming an artist in Hip-Hop. With no knowledge of recording, King began to use various radio devices to record on cassette tapes. By the the early 2000's, King decided to become serious about a career in Hip-Hop by investing in low level income studio equipment.


 King along with family and friends began to record and make music, although the quality was not there the passion was evident. Over the years King would spend his days studying the legends of Hip-Hop, always pushing forward in pursuit of success and becoming apart of the music industry. King experienced many failures and shortcomings along the way, but never gave up on his dreams. In present time King now King Entertainment and Media LLC has a distribution deal through SS Global and Universal Distribution. King is surrounded by talented individuals who share the unconditional love for music along with the identical dreams and aspirations as he do. Reuben King (CEO of King Entertainment and Media LLC) is an American entrepreneur, music executive ,music manager, investor, A&R, recording engineer, videographer, photographer and artist.


King cites Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, James Prince (JPrince), Shawn Carter(Jay -Z), Fat Joe, Master P, Bryan Williams BirdMan, Jermaine Dupri, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Sean Combs (P.Diddy), 50 Cent and Eminem as Inspiration to Continue to Strive for Greatness in the World of Hip Hop and Music.


James Hudson

VP of Kings Ent. & Media

My name is James Hudson a.k.a. J-Hud but I go by Poochie. I was born in Cleveland, OH and eventually moved to Jackson, AL to be raised by my dad.  I pretty much grew up in the streets and was exposed to various things due to the type of nature and environment that I was surrounded by when I was a child. My dad was a big time D-Boy and my mom was his “Cookie”. When things started going south, we literally moved down south to be in a more stable environment. My siblings and I learned how to adapt to our environment at a very young age but being exposed to so many things is what made us stronger. Being raised in the inner city and also being raised in the country is what gives me versatility in everything I do. I decided to join the military a year after graduating high school in order to get out of the streets and break the generational curses that were bestowed upon me and my family.

Because of the military, I learned discipline, stamina, patience, courage, strength and the list go on but what really helped me get through the tough times while I was deployed and all throughout my life was God and music. God and music are what motivated me to carry on and gave me the drive to accomplish my goals and dreams. God and music helped me get over the hump. Music is my passion and this is one of the many reasons why I love to create music. Music helps me meditate, focus, motivates me, gives me positive energy, and so much more. I started making beats right after I got of the military and I started off making beats with Magix, Fruit Loops, and Sony Acid but now I’m using Native Instruments, Reasons, Logic, etc. I’m glad to say that my music has evolved and that my music changes with time but yet still timeless and that’s my goal to make timeless music just like Pharrell, Timbaland, Kanye, Dr. Dre, Zaytoven, etc