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Big Lex

Alexis Wilson, known as "Big Lex", is an American hip hop artist, producer, musician, and song writer. Big Lex was born in Salina, Kansas on January 21, 1997. Big Lex only spent a short term of her childhood in Kansas before she moved to Mobile, Alabama. Inspired by her father, Reuben King, she wrote poetry to rhythm which then transitioned to song writing. Throughout her school career, Lex has a long history when it comes to her musical involvement. As she has many family members who are musically inclined, Big Lex taught herself how to play the piano, xylophones, flute, saxophone, and even learned to play guitar with her grandfather. When Lex made it to high school, she thoroughly studied orchestration when it came to her favorite classical pieces. This progressed to Lex writing accompaniments for her friends who wrote their own musicals and songs. Lex did not limit her capabilities to just musicals and parodies; She occasionally wrote freestyles for others who looked forward to rap battles during lunch. Lex's father discovered that Lex was capable of producing songs that were not only distinguished, but lyrically inclined and catchy. Lex agreed that music is something she could see herself doing forever. And as of Sept. 2018, she was signed under King Entertainment.

Trap Boy

Trap Boy, A.K.A., Roy Johnson, is a rap artist straight from Bay Minette, AL. With a work ethic that only God can give to him. God has continuously blessed Trap Boy and he thanks Him for it. Coming from a small town it's a blessing to be striving for his goals and being successful and achieving his goals Trap loves his hood, and shoot ball and hustled in his spare time before rap but truth be told he still loves to get into the action not really sweating money or women because for Trap Boy it's all about the action. At 13, a D-Boy gave Trap his first set of drugs to sell in order to take care of Trap Boy's family and from there Trap went from selling, to distributing, to using, and eventually becoming a D-Boy himself getting into the game and coming up really fast. Growing love, hate, and envy for himself from the way he was living. On the road to self destruction, Trap knew he had to make some changes in his life. Thanking God for every situation that caused him to hurt with pain and agony, and unhappiness because if it wasn't for those situations and obstacles Trap Boy wouldn't be who he is today. Those situations and obstacles made Trap grateful. Music has always been Trap's escape from the real world from his early childhood. Never really thinking he would ever pursue music as a child because of his early lifestyle. From 13 to 31, Trap was solely focused on the streets and being incarcerated but look at God!! Trap Boy is out of jail, ready to turn his life around, and ready to make music with King Ent & Media.


Crazy Beatz

Luis gonzalez  (born December 20 1991), known professionally as Crazy Beatz is an American rapper, songwriter, and convicted felon. His music has been marked by an aggressive style of rapping, while his controversial public persona is characterized as a more laid back humble father of 3.


Crazy Beatz became widely known in late 2014 after the release of his debut single, “ No Snitching “ which was a sleeper hit.  A street single that was a beef sparked by Miami rapper “Stitches” . He subsequently released the mixtape  Global Radio Volume 1, 2 ,3 4 and 5  which can be found on DaftPiff.com.  

In 2016,  he was arrested on felony charges including drugs charges and also pled guilty to misdemeanor charges and armed robbery in back in February 2012. Crazy Beats has changed his focus to his music aspirations after years of in and out of incarceration. April 2017, after his release from prison, he dropped  “King Gucci” an aggressive tone to what he wants to offer to the rap game after his release from prison. He also dropped “Luis”.

With the help and influence by @iamyounghitta an award winning sound engineer he went on to deliver songs like 

“Asshole” and “Latin king” to fuel his newly found rage and  and whit lyrics that draws you into his persona. “Hold up”, "Ride Real Slow” are productions with “Devinebeatz “ a childhood friend by the name of Anthony took likes of his followers. Lofty studios became the home “2020” a single that focuses on the recap of his on going baby mother drama and other personal issues with the help of management and King Entertainment & Media Crazy Beatz is awaiting his billboard recognition .